The No Yard Sign Pledge

The towns of Buxton, Hollis, Limington, and Standish are small towns with friendly neighborhoods and villages. These neighborhoods have been largely immune to the problems of larger towns and cities by respecting our neighbors and avoiding conflict.

The limited display of political signage is one way that we have kept our towns tranquil and safe for all.

You can show your support for peace by pledging to keep your property clear of divisive political signs. This pledge includes all election campaign signs and all political statement signs.

    I pledge to do my part for peace and tranquility in my neighborhood by refraining from posting or displaying any political campaign sign or political statement on, in, near, or upon my property, vehicle, conveyance, or person.

    Show the strength of your pledge with a donation in any amount over $1.00. Donations will be distributed to nonpolitical registered charities that serve Maine.

    No Yard Sign Pledge for Charity