It is with sincere regret that I am notifying you that there has been a student death within the Bonny Eagle school community.  A car accident occurred on Turkey Lane in Buxton, Maine, early on the morning on November 5, 2015.  It is believed that three of our students were involved in the accident, and one of the three was killed.  The two other students were transported to the hospital, and we are not aware of their conditions.  There was a fourth individual in the vehicle, but we are unaware of this person’s identity, age, or condition.  Because families are being notified and these students are not adults, we cannot share any more information regarding this incident. As you can imagine, our thoughts and concerns are for the students and their families.

The Bonny Eagle crisis team has been engaged to support all staff and students during this difficult time.

Any further information about this incident will be provided through the Buxton Police Department. They have indicated that once the investigation has been completed, they will release press information.

Frank Sherburne

MSAD 6 Superintendent of Schools