Governor Mills’ Maine Revenue Services has just announced that it will charge a fee to citizens and residents if they wish to understand their responsibilities to collect taxes for the State. The recent announcement states with pride that it only costs $25 and a full day away from work to learn how to do the bureaucrats’ tax collection job for them.

Maine Revenue Services (MRS) is proud to present the 2020 State Tax Symposium. For only $25 per attendee, this one-day event will cover various Maine tax updates and MRS agency highlights.

Maine Revenue Services

Speakers from MRS will address topics including tax overviews, technical tax issues, and Maine tax legislation using the insecure and Chinese government influenced Zoom conferencing system.

In its invitation to the public, including taxpayers, tax preparers, accountants, CPAs, attorneys, and enrolled agents, MRS fails to indicate whether the information presented behind this pay-wall will be made freely available to the taxpayers of Maine.

A nonrefundable $25 fee is required to access the Thursday, September 24, 2020 conference which is planned to last from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Maine Revenue Services