MSAD 6, the Bonny Eagle School District, has confirmed that it is using the code yellow hybrid learning model to start the school year.

To better plan the school bus routes, the district has asked parents and guardians to complete a survey detailing their attendance plans for each student.

For parents who do not plan on physically sending students to school, the district is developing a remote learning option and has shared some of the details on their progress.

Remote Learning Option Grades K through 5

Schools will be using a program called Edmentum Exact Path for Literacy for reading, writing, and math instruction. This program assesses students and places them at a starting point. Students work at their own pace on a variety of online learning exercises. Each student will have a staff member, a teacher or trained educational technician, at their school assigned to monitor their progress. The assigned staff member will meet with small groups of students virtually for up to four hours per week to provide support and additional instruction in literacy and math. These virtual meetings will occur Monday through Friday during school hours.

In addition to the Exact Path program, elementary students will have a Seesaw account for access to specialist classes and content such as art, music, and physical education. Each building principal will organize a consistent schedule so that remote students can access their teacher or educational technician as well as specials on a regular basis during the week.

With this plan, students will be able to return to the regular classroom at any time. However, it is not recommended that students switch back and forth between Exact Path and in-person instruction repeatedly throughout the school year.

Remote Learning Option Grades 6 through 12

Middle and high school students who opt for remote instruction will be taking online classes using Edmentum Courseware. These are credit bearing courses that are aligned to our graduation standards. High school students should contact their school counselor in late August to select the courses that are right for them. Middle school students will be contacted by either a counselor or administrator before school starts to enroll in courses.

A teacher or trained educational technician will be assigned to each student to support them as they
work through these online courses. These teachers will meet with students during scheduled virtual
group meetings and/or during individual office hours by appointment.

Students will be assigned an advisory/clan in order to maintain a connection with school. They will be able to return to the regular classroom at any time, but for high school students it may be more practical to finish an online course for credit, particularly if it is more than five weeks into the term.