A large crowd gathered at the regular meeting of the Buxton Board of Selectmen on October 9, 2019 to demand either the resignation of Selectman Jean Harmon or for the other members of the board to vote for her removal from office.

Mrs. Harmon pleaded to a charge of disorderly conduct after she was captured on video hitting an employee on the back or side of the head. Her previous jury trial on assault charges ended in a mistrial.

Jean, I’m sorry this happened to you. You’re held to a higher standard than anybody else in this room. You’re the chairwoman, and you chairmen, all of you Selectmen are held to a higher standard than everybody else in this room. Do something. Do what’s right. Do what the people want. Not what you want.

Matt Cote, Buxton Resident

Nearly all of the Buxton residents who spoke at the meeting were in favor of Selectman Harmon’s removal from the board. The only person to speak publicly on her behalf was former Selectman Cliff Emery. While all the other speakers were given the opportunity to speak without interruption, Mr. Emery was met with frequent interruption. At one point the Buxton Chief of Police, Troy Cline, stepped in to request civil behavior from the attendees.

My students in school, if you go up and you deck somebody, you are going to go apologize, but you still get suspended because there are consequences to your actions.

Linda Townsend, Buxton Resident

Selectman Dennis Santolucito advised the public that the Board of Selectmen has been consulting with the town’s attorneys before they consider any action.