Taking steps to protect yourself from credit fraud due to Anthem’s utter failure to ensure the safety of medical, financial, and identity information will require more than the token services and apologies proffered by the insurer.

The most comprehensive protection that you can get is also free. By visiting the TransUnion web site you can enable a Fraud Alert which will be honored by all the major credit bureaus. This fraud alert is active for 90 days and puts all credit agencies on notice that your account may be the subject of fraud and extra steps are required to verify your identity before issuing credit.

You may place the fraud alert on TransUnion’s Fraud Alert page.

Also available from TransUnion is a Security Freeze. This level of protection makes your credit record unavailable to any and all credit enquiries. While this is highly secure, it has the disadvantage of requiring you to place this freeze at each of the three large credit bureaus separately and there is a fee required for each filing. It also requires you to remove the freeze before applying for loans or credit cards in order to avoid being denied.

As a balance of protection and convenience, the TransUnion Fraud Alert is an ideal and essential tool for protecting yourself from some of the damage caused by Anthem.