The first half of property taxes for 2014-2015 are due by October 20, 2014. Checks should be made out to Town of Buxton, Maine and mailed or hand delivered to the Buxton Municipal Building at 185 Portland Rd, Buxton, ME 04093.

On November 1, 2014, the Town of Buxton will begin to assess interest on unpaid tax levies.

While paying your taxes, be mindful of the fact that the Town of Buxton, in defiance of state law, has continued to raise spending and taxes at an alarming rate.

It has proven to be of no use to attend public town meetings to attempt stem this spending as any mention of fiscal prudence is met by immediate disapproval of the intolerant special interest factions of the town. It is also not unusual for a citizen to be confronted by a public official after the meeting if he dares to question the uncontrolled spending.

If you are one of the vocal supporters of the ever increasing tax bills in Buxton, please consider giving more of your own money for the line items you hold so dear, but if you are an overtaxed landowner please consider who you vote for at the next election – or better yet, run for election to one of the town offices.