Buxton’s town park on the Saco River, Pleasant Point Park, located on the Simpson Road has been closed effective immediately.

According to a press release issued by Buxton Selectman Chad E. Poitras, Buxton Police Chief Troy A. Cline, and Buxton Recreation Director Nicole Welch the park has been increasingly misused by visitors.

Over the past several weeks, the Town of Buxton has seen an increased disregard for park rules,
including the prohibition of alcohol in the park, proper care of and respect for the property and
dangerous parking practices on public roads around the park. There have been large gatherings in violation of the state-mandated COVID-19 best practices and reports that park goers are throwing rocks and other debris at those boating on the river. After this past weekend, park caretakers cleaned up 336 empty beer cans and bottles, 92 soda cans, 21 liquor bottles, 15 rubber floats and multiple bags of trash. This cannot be allowed to continue and will not be tolerated.

Effective immediately, Pleasant Point Park is closed to the public while the Town considers how to best deal with these ongoing problems. The gate to the park is closed and locked, the area will be posted, and police will be enforcing the closure with criminal charges for those who ignore the closure mandate. The Buxton Police Department will be seeking assistance from the Maine Warden’s Service to enforce rules and regulations on the river.

It is regretful that the town has had to take this immediate action however, for the safety of all
concerned and the preservation of the park, this measure is unavoidable. Any questions should be
directed to Police Chief Troy A. Cline at 207-929-6612.

Selectman Chad E. Poitras, Police Chief Troy A. Cline, and Recreation Director Nicole Welch