MSAD 6 2020-2021 Pandemic Draft Plan 2020-07-22 header
MSAD 6 2020-2021 Pandemic Draft Plan 2020-07-22

MSAD 6 is developing a learning plan that will govern how school and educational programming will operate during the 2020-2021 academic year. The plan is influenced by conditions across the State of Maine, Cumberland, and York Counties.

The plan is described as “fluid” by its proponents.

The MSAD 6 plan is divided into three core levels; red, yellow, and green which describe full distance learning, hybrid distance and in-person learning, and full in-person learning respectively.

The current plan assumes that the most likely scenario is for school to begin at Level 2, or Yellow, for the month of September, however, the State of Maine has recently announced that all counties are currently classified as Level 3, or Green.

Regardless of the operation level of the school district, students in grades 3 through 12 will be required to wear a face covering in the classroom, on the bus, in common areas, in group bathrooms, and when within close proximity of other students. Students in grades Pre-Kindergarten through 5 will be instructed on hygienic practices in the classroom and how to learn and play together safely.

Students will have opportunities to take breaks from wearing a face covering periodically throughout
the day, as long as social distancing is maintained, as directed by the classroom teacher.

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