The superintendent of schools, Paul Penna, has announced the conditions under which area schools may reopen in the fall.

The latest information from the Department of Education is that the decision about how schools will reopen is a local decision. That may change, however, the district administrators met on Monday, June 22nd to discuss the CDC reopening framework and options for reopening school in September. The Department of Education has provided a framework to inform any decisions about bringing students and staff back to school that includes developing a plan for:

– Physical Health and Safety for staff and students
– Social, Emotional, Behavioral, and Mental Health Considerations
– Academic Programs and Student Learning
– Common Foundations for Remote Learning
– Additional considerations, (CTE Programs, Transportation, School Nutrition, etc.)

Paul Penna, Superintendent of Schools

Parents may be contacted during the coming weeks to assess their positions and concerns regarding the reopening plans, after which, the superintendent hopes to provide his plan for full or partial reopening.