The Maine Military Museum in South Portland is looking for help to get a new parking lot. Nothing can express the needs of the museum better than the message from the curator, Lee Humiston, on their Go Fund Me campaign.

I am a Mainer who came home after fifty years and founded the museum in 2010 to tell the story of the men and women of Maine and of this country, with emphasis on the Vietnam War POWs. In six years I have built it from a tiny museum to on of over 6000 square feet. It is considered one of New England’s jewels. The museum has a wonderful web site:

It has received no funding and exists solely on the good will of little people who care. No one, including the director, receives a salary. We are all volunteers.

I am trying to raise money to replace the museum’s parking lot. It is in poor shape and in its own way badly reflects on the museum and is becoming a liability for patrons.

I need to have it completed before May 30th, 2016 which is the opening day.

This museum and its story has become (outside of my family) the most important part of my life. It is having an impact of veterans far beyond my fondest dreams. It is far more than just things, it is human stories not often told.

There would, and will be, no words to express my gratitude should people be understanding of how important this need is to me and the museum.

You can help by making a donation on their Go Fund Me page.