My name is Danielle and I am the Secretary of the Bonny Eagle Middle School
Parent Community Council. I am writing today to express how grateful our
organization is to Poland Spring. Poland Spring supports local events and community
groups, like local schools and fire and rescue teams by donating water. The Bonny
Eagle Middle School PCC uses this water that Poland Spring donates to us for
events such as Holiday Cheer for the students, Teacher Appreciation Meals,
Teacher Conference Meals and many other staff and student events that we hold.

According to Poland Spring’s website, “in 2016, communities received nearly
800,000 donated bottles of Poland Spring® Brand 100% Natural Spring Water.”
With this letter I am hoping to spread the word to the Bonny Eagle Community
about Poland Spring’s Water Donation Program so that other schools within our
community, other Parent Teacher Organizations and other community groups will
reach out and utilize this amazing program.

The Bonny Eagle PCC contacted the Poland Spring Plant Administrator, Ms. Annette
L. Phillips, of the Poland Spring Plant located in Hollis Center. If community groups
are interested in this program, they should reach out to their local Poland Spring.

We appreciate Poland Spring’s support of our organization and their goal to help
make Maine a better and healthier place.

Danielle L. Vetterline
Bonny Eagle Middle School Parent Community Council Secretary