With the Iowa Caucuses behind us, we can take a look back and see what the numbers tell us. In particular, Buxton News is interested in which party is the most diverse and inclusive. With all of the votes tallied, here are the results.

Democrat Caucus Votes

  • Votes for White candidates: 1406
  • Votes for Black candidates: 0
  • Votes for Latino candidates: 0
  • White total: 100%
  • Non-white total: 0%

Republican Caucus Votes

  • Votes for White candidates: 64265
  • Votes for Black candidates: 17395
  • Votes for Latino candidates: 94831
  • White total: 36.41%
  • Non-white total: 63.59%

It is obvious from the numbers that the Republican Party is far more diverse and representative of the US population than the Democrat Party. In the Republican Caucus, black candidates received 9.86% of the total votes and latinos received 53.73%. In the Democrat Caucus, both black and latino candidates received exactly 0%.

While BuxtonNews.com refuses to judge people by their skin pigmentation, other voices refuse to ignore this physical trait and insist that it is a valid way to judge an individual. It is obvious that those voices are the true bigots as evidenced by their votes.