The message from the professional politicians in Augusta is clear. “If you had a rough upbringing, if you struggled to get by, if you survived by your wits, you cannot be governor. Governing is only for the pampered and spoiled brat with refined political skills.”

They want you to know that you need to stay in your place, behave like a good serf, don’t strive to improve your life, and obey their every order. After all, they know what is best.

The professional politicians have proclaimed, “You are an everyday person. You are everyman. You are uncouth. You cannot be governor.” “How dare you not speak with elegance and deception! How dare you not master the arts of politically correct speech!”

The political lapdogs go on their grammatically deficient attacks as if on command. Jason Goodrich looks in a mirror and reflects, “Gov Bacon Cheeseburger is not only an asshole but a sexist.” Pamela A. Fisher so lovingly states, “Lets just keep working to tell the legislature to impeach his fat ass”. Margo Lodge-Seven Oakes joins the ever so caring chorus with “What’s taking so long? Just roll him down the steps and send him on his way.!” Theresa Riley is far more compassionate, “Such a miserable lunatic.” Nancy Ellen Bridges coos, “douchebag.” Gregg Culling wants to throw a lynching party, “String him up NOW!” Judy L. Lombard waxes eloquently, “You are such an ahole!!!”

Such heart warming sentiments.

An impeachment of Paul LePage would be an impeachment of everyman and would serve no end but to keep the people of Maine under the boot of the self-appointed “enlightened ones”.