S.D. Hanson Demolition
S.D. Hanson Demolition in Buxton Center

The S. D. Hanson school next to the Buxton Elementary School has been demolished. All that remains to be done is the removal of the debris and the grading of the basement.

Although safety fencing had been erected around the building weeks ago, it was not until last week that demolition equipment showed up on site. The contractor made quick work of the demolition with the main part of the school being removed early this week. Much of that debris has been removed and the basement graded to allow access deeper into the lot.

The condemnation process was questioned by some parties, but challenges to the demolition were not successful. The school was being used by the Bonny Eagle School District up to the moment that it was deemed unsafe.

The gymnasium was pulled down today, September 10, 2015, and Buxton News was there to capture the event.

S.D. Hanson Demolition Debris
Some of the S.D. Hanson Demolition Debris