A voicemail requesting that the newspaper cease publication was left recently on the home telephone of a volunteer staff member of the Buxton News.

The message was left by a former elected official, however, it is not believed that the person currently holds a position of influence that would threaten the publication of the Buxton News or the freedom of its contributors or publishers.

In the message, the former official twice asks that the newspaper’s web site be shuttered due to the caller’s issues with our coverage of the government response to the pandemic.

The identity of the caller has been disguised in this audio clip as there is currently no evidence that this person was acting in any official capacity.

A portion of the message where the caller asks Buxton News to cease publication.

Buxton News will not be intimidated by current or former politicians or bureaucrats and will continue publication. The recipients of the phone call, however, felt that it was necessary to change their home phone service even though they have had the number for three decades.

Thank you to all of our readers who support the Buxton News and thank you to those who can have disagreements without trampling on the freedom of the press.