The Institute for Integrative Aging (IIA) at Saint Joseph’s College hosted its first potluck for community members belonging to the Silver Sneakers program on November 1, 2019.

The harvest-themed gathering was held in Xavier Hall, the nearly century-old Tudor-style estate that overlooks Sebago Lake. Attendees brought along casseroles, crock pots, and desserts, as well as nonperishable items to donate to the Standish Food Pantry.

Stephanie Bubier was the lucky recipient of the door prize, a centerpiece donated by Blossoms of Windham.

The Silver Sneakers program, a health and fitness program developed by Tivity Health, is just one aspect of the IIA.

Our Silver Sneakers program is like no other as we are not only focusing on fitness, we are creating an environment that fosters a sense of community. Friendships and camaraderie among participants contribute to the overall feel.

Heather DiYenno, Director of the Institute for Integrative Aging