Buxton News presents the list of candidates for the November 6, 2018 general elections. Buxton News recommends that readers cast their votes only for the highlighted candidates.

US Senate

  • Brakey, Eric L. of Auburn
  • King, Angus S. Jr. of Brunswick
  • Ringelstein, Zak of Yarmouth


  • Caron, Alan of Freeport
  • Hayes, Teresea M. of Buckfield
  • Mills, Janet T. of Farmington
  • Moody, Shawn H. of Gorham

Congressional District 1

  • Grohman, Martin J. of Biddeford
  • Holbrook, Mark I. of Brunswick
  • Pingree, Chellie of North Haven

State Senate District 26

  • Diamond, G. William of Windham

State Senate District 30

  • Sanborn, Linda F. of Gorham
  • Volk, Amy Fern of Scarborough

Senate District 31

  • Chenette, Justin M. of Saco
  • Mendros, Stavros J. of Hollis

State House District 16

  • Durrell, David P. of Hollis
  • Marean, Donald G. of Hollis

State House District 22

  • Blier, Mark John of Buxton
  • Fitzgerald, Richard J. of Buxton

State House District 23

  • Goodwin, Timothy H. of Standish
  • Ordway, Lester S. of Standish