Candidate List November 2018

Buxton News presents the list of candidates for the November 6, 2018 general elections. Buxton News recommends that readers cast their votes only for the highlighted candidates.

US Senate

  • Brakey, Eric L. of Auburn
  • King, Angus S. Jr. of Brunswick
  • Ringelstein, Zak of Yarmouth


  • Caron, Alan of Freeport
  • Hayes, Teresea M. of Buckfield
  • Mills, Janet T. of Farmington
  • Moody, Shawn H. of Gorham

Congressional District 1

  • Grohman, Martin J. of Biddeford
  • Holbrook, Mark I. of Brunswick
  • Pingree, Chellie of North Haven

State Senate District 26

  • Diamond, G. William of Windham

State Senate District 30

  • Sanborn, Linda F. of Gorham
  • Volk, Amy Fern of Scarborough

Senate District 31

  • Chenette, Justin M. of Saco
  • Mendros, Stavros J. of Hollis

State House District 16

  • Durrell, David P. of Hollis
  • Marean, Donald G. of Hollis

State House District 22

  • Blier, Mark John of Buxton
  • Fitzgerald, Richard J. of Buxton

State House District 23

  • Goodwin, Timothy H. of Standish
  • Ordway, Lester S. of Standish

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