Buxton Recount Results

On June 29, 2019 the Town of Buxton conducted a recount of the votes cast in the race for Selectman, Assessor, and Overseer of the Poor. The four designated recount candidates were Mark J. Blier, Thomas J. Peters, Roger C. Tracy, and Scott A. Warchol.

The vote tally from the recount was

  • 277 Blier, Mark J.
  • 235 Peters, Thomas J.
  • 222 Tracy, Roger C.
  • 234 Warchol, Scott A.

The vote tally on June 11, 2019 was

  • 276 Blier, Mark J.
  • 233 Peters, Thomas J.
  • 179 Porter, Caleb G.
  • 26 Smith, Mark A., Sr.
  • 222 Tracy, Roger C.
  • 234 Warchol, Scott A.

The election night results were overturned by the recount results. Mark J. Blier and Thomas J. Peters have been elected to the Buxton Board of Selectmen for three years.

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