At the Town of Buxton Annual Meeting on Saturday, June 17, 2017, all ballot items were passed, as recommend by the Selectmen, with the exception of two articles which were “passed over”. Both Article 3 and the article to accept changes to the shoreland zoning map were “passed over” by the moderator.

Article 3 was “passed over” as it had appeared on the secret ballot without the proper notification. According to the Chairman of the Board of Selectman, Cliff Emery,

“Due to a clerical error at the beginning of the Warrant, article 3 was left off as an article to be voted on at the Tuesday voting. After consulting with the Town’s attorney, it was determined that the vote was invalid. Article 3 was brought up at Saturday’s Town Meeting and a motion to pass-over this article was made and approved. The Selectmen will be bringing this back to the voters at either a special referendum vote or at the November elections.”