Governor Mills,

As the editor of the Buxton News and as a resident of the State of Maine, I am writing to demand that you immediately rescind your executive orders Number 14 FY 19/20 and Number 19 FY 19/20.

While the actions described in those orders are made in the public interest, the very fact that they are requirements instead of requests crosses the line and makes them unconstitutional.

The government may make no order, rule, or law that suspends our natural rights. These rights are not granted by the government and can therefore not be suspended by the government – even if the actions are deemed to be in the public interest.

It is especially egregious that your orders are backed up with the threat of enforcement by armed agents of the government.

I am not asking anyone to conduct themselves in an unsafe manner, on the contrary, I believe that the actions that are recommended by our top health care officials are wise and effective. Their efficacy, however, does not justify the threat of arrest, prosecution, fines, or penalties if someone chooses to exercise his natural rights.

John Vedral, Editor
Buxton News